End of the year favorites for 2018!

I know I’m a bit late with this, but I finally got through my pull-list for the month of December. So here’s my comic book favorites from 2018

Yeah I really need to consolidate that. Trim out the fat if you will.

2018 was a great year in comics. There were quite a few events, relaunches, limited runs, and ends to some pretty damn good series. Here is a list of my favorite moments. It’s a short list and it doesn’t mean these are my only favorite moments. But these are the ones that I still think about, even now typing these words, right now, that you are reading. As I make this list. That is below. Thank you.

Favorite overall original series for 2018

Brother Nash

Favorite 2018 Series - Brother Nash from Bridgit Connell.

Writer & Artist – Bridget Connell
Publisher – Titan Comics

This one blew me away. It was three big beautiful books and the story was incredibly original. Bridgit Connell built a magical world and included a lot of multicultural aspects in the story as well. It never grew old and for me it had an American Gods, Neil Gaiman to it. When I got my stack of monthly pulls I would purposely move this one to the bottom of the stack so I could take the time to enjoy it. Bridgit Connell is an amazing artist and a wonderful storyteller. I hope she gets some more cool stuff to do.

Favorite ‘maxi-series’ for 2018

Mister Miracle

Favorite Maxi-Series 2018 - Mister Miracle #2.

Writer – Tom King
Artist – Mitch Gerads
Publisher – DC Comics

Ok, so theoretically this 12 issue run started in 2017. But gosh darn it it finished in 2018 so I’m including it here.

This was a masterpiece. I love Tom King’s run in Batman because Batman shouldn’t say much. King is really a subtle writer and Mitch Gerads is also a subtle artist. A lot of what is being said in this book isn’t really what’s being physically said on the page. It’s a very abstract look at the characters and really at life itself. If you can make a whole thing about Darkseid getting a veggie tray then you have something here. This was definitely one of my favorite books of all time and it’s so good I will probably buy any hardcover special editions that come out.

Favorite ‘mini-series’ for 2018

Mera – Queen of Atlantis

Favorite Mini-Series 2018 - Mera Queen of Atlantis #1

Writer – Dan Abnett
Artist – Lan Medina
Publisher – DC Comics

This one didn’t surprise me per se but in retrospect this is the perfect tie-in to the movie. But even if it wasn’t it’s a great mini-series and the creative team did a wonderful job portraying a strong woman as she regroups and battles to gain allies in order to retake the throne.

Also if you have Aquaman on your pull-list when she comes to the rescue, after reading the mini-series, it makes that moment that much sweeter.

Honorable Mention – Nancy in Hell

Writer – El Torres
Artist – Abel Cicero
Publisher – Amigo Comics

I really liked this series. The problem is that Forbidden Planet fucked up my pull-list and I wasn’t able to get the final issue. I wasn’t familiar with this character before so it was a really nice introduction. What’s not better than a hot chick sent to hell, who has a chain saw and kills hell zombies and probably a priest? Not much.

Favorite limited run for 2018

Cosmic Ghost Rider

Favorite Limited Run 2018 - Cosmic Ghost Rider #1.

Writer – Donny Cates
Artist – Dylan Burnett
Colors – Antonio Fabela
Publisher – Marvel Comics

This was my last review for 2018 and I loved this series from beginning to end. It was definitely of my favorite Marvel moments of 2018. If you like comic books, and it really doesn’t matter the genre or publisher, you’re going to like this series. With all the relaunches and limited runs I can always recommend this to new readers so they can see what wonderful world of comics they’re getting into. And again, I’m not sure if it was planned from the start to be a limited run, but I really wish there would be more in the series.

Honorable Mention – Crude

Writer – Steve Orlando
Artist – Gary Brown
Publisher – Image Comics

I love violent revenge films like Get Carter. I think what surprises me the most about this one is that it came from Steve Orlando. Not that he’s a bad writer, oh no not at all, but I really know him from very far out, abstract sci-fi that he creates. With Crude he created a world, albeit in the future, but it’s very gritty, grounded, down to earth and what could have been a very simplistic story was made interesting through the Russian setting and the various depiction of politics in the setting. And the art by Gary Brown really captured the grittiness well.

Saddest ongoing series finale for 2018

Tie! Ninja-K (Valiant) and Daredevil (Marvel)

Comics are volatile especially when it comes to pull-lists. If you decide to add a new-one the series could end after that issue (happened to me with Cyborg). But sometimes you start a series from the beginning and it still shocks the hell out of you when it decides to end. Yes we need to mix it up again and though it’s sad when things end, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, getting new creative teams and ideas on board keeps the thing going. And sometimes you have to end a current run to do that.

Ninja-K made it through 14 issues and was a lot of fun. Christos Gage kept it moving through a new premise that there are multiple Ninja’s (K is specific order in the alphabet) and it was great seeing Colin interacting with them. The thing did get a bit weird in the middle but overall it was a strong series. And it went out with a bang with Roberto De La Torre on art, grounding it further in realism. It actually reminded me a bit of the pacing in Crude.

And Daredevil. My dear Daredevil. Charles Soule’s run was incredible. And man, that must be tough taking a well-known character like Daredevil, who has been touched by so many fantastic creators, and keeping it fresh for old and new readers alike. If you have the last issue you should definitely read Soule’s goodbye letter touching upon that point. I loved this series and Soule was able to take these crazy premises and make them believable. Though his run is over I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of his contributions in further reiterations of the character.

Random fun moments of mine for 2018

Peter Parker gets a bad-guy as a roommate

The Witching Hour

Justice League Dark relaunch

Thor fighting in Hel

All female creative team for a 2000 a.d. special


Tap dancers can kill, only if they’re brain-washed.

Creating Damage in St. Louis.

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