Stan Lee tribute in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic

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Stan Lee not only made Marvel Comics what it is today but he also impacted comics in its entirety. Thus it’s no surprise that there was an outpouring of tributes, even from the competition, after he passed away. And here you can find Rebellion’s Stan Lee Tribute.

I don’t think this Stan Lee Tribute really made the news and it seems like it’s a blink it you will miss it sort of thing, BUT if you read Prog 2120, you’ll definitely notice a resemblance in one of the characters in the Grey Area: Hunted thrill…

A Stan Lee Tribute in Prog 2120 from Rebellion
There definitely is a resemblance there…
Another page from Prog 2120 showing Stan Lee.
He does sense a lot of money…
Page from Prog 2120
There’s a lot of fourth wall breaking here…

And they really kept this one quiet. Even if you Google Search this nothing appears. I wonder if it’s an actual tribute due to his Death or is this a reoccurring character? If it’s a reoccurring character then it’s a tribute nonetheless but it wouldn’t surprise me. 2000Ad is so dense full of characters and creations that if you don’t follow it closely you can easily miss something.

Either way, well done Rebellion. Well done. You can find the link to the Prog here.

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