CW is DC’s MCU

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Brandon Routh reveals the Superman symbol from Kingdom Come. CW is DC’s MCU

There’s been a lot of news coming out of the DC camp, in particular regarding their CW shows. Brandon Routh announced that he’s reprising his role as Superman in a Kingdom Come story and Kevin Conroy is playing a real life Bruce Wayne. Whether you like it or not, CW is DC’s MCU.

Whatever you think of the CW shows you cannot deny that they found their swagger. They do a lot of obscure, crazy storylines and they’ve been dropping in little known characters. However, there’s also a lot of talk and not a lot of walk when it comes to their crossovers. Last year John Wesley Shipp announced he was reprising his Flash and he had a total of two minutes of screen time. He didn’t do very much. So I’m curious on how much we’ll see of Brandon Routh and Kevin Conroy. Probably not a lot.

Regardless, CW still amazes me what they’re able to pull this off. I think the whole line of series could do more with less episodes per season but it’s still damn good TV. And with the upcoming Batwoman series launching in the fall, it definitely feels like they’ve hit their swagger. Especially in comparison to their parent company, Warner Bros, that appears to have lost all its confidence with the direction of their DC films. CW is DC’s MCU.

What I find particularly interesting about the Brandon Routh news is the question: does it signal the end, once and for all, of Henry Cavill’s Superman? It’s been well speculated around the podcast and blog-a-verse that Warner Bros/DC does not like to double dip its characters. Meaning that if a major character appears in the TV realm they’re not going to appear in the movie realm.

Naturally there have been exceptions. The Flash appeared in two films and Cyborg is a major character in Doom Patrol. Supergirl had its Superman for a while now with Tyler Hoechlin and Bruce Wayne is appearing in season two of Titans. So maybe it’s not true. However, I’ve always believed that audiences are savvy enough to understand that there are multiple universes. And I still don’t understand why DC has failed to capitalized one of its major strengths; the ability to have different universes and perhaps one day doing a massive crossover. Now that Marvel mentioned the possibility of multiple universes I wonder if they’ll beat DC to the game yet again.

But isn’t that what CW is doing with their own shows? Supergirl is on a different Earth than the rest and they’ve been dropping Elseworlds-like stories during their crossover event. They even dropped the Crisis title in them. CW has its swagger and I think Warner Bros should start taking notice. If they want to kick off a strong line of films based on DC characters then why not look to the CW shows? Havne’t the writers, producers and directors of these shows deserve a shot on the big screen? Whatever you think of CW they’ve been pretty consistent to what they produce. Not to mention they’ve been pretty good at keeping true to the source material. Especially within the confines of network television.

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