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Unfortunately due to circumstances that you already know of, there won’t be a May 2020 Previews list this month. But that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a post. I’m going to have to think of another name to call it because at least one of my predictions came true. DC Comics decided to start using two distributors, UCS and Lunar Distributors to distribute their comics. This has dominated the headlines in the past few weeks so I’m sure you’re up to speed. Definitely do a few internet search inquiries to see how this all went down if you aren’t.

I’m not a comic book store owner so I don’t have a say here. But there does seem to be two camps on this issue. One is simply don’t change what already works and the other naturally encourages the competition.

Interestingly the ‘don’t change what already works’ seems to be the big guys, like and other warehouse distributers. Which makes sense because they can order a lot and can get a lot of that bulk order at a discount and pass that onto their customers. The bigger you are the bigger your profit margin. Like owning ten Subways in a middle sized town.

There are some who are digging it, more specifically the way Lunar packages their comics.

It is new and DC did emphasize that they’re doing stress tests just to see how it will go. You can still order DC Comics from Diamond but if that will continue is anyone’s guess. I believe Diamond will still do it because DC is one of the big two. If publishers like BOOM! or Aftershock did this, I think Diamond would just take them off ‘the list’.

I don’t know. I like the idea of competition and honestly, as an end user it really doesn’t matter much. The only thing that does matter to me pertaining to this specific issue is if and when my local comic book store gets my items. I could care less about the scuffles about the industry and how the sausage is made.

But then again, I do like competition (I’m repeating myself I know) and I want this industry to be sustainable. I want to it thrive and survive, especially during the tough and uncertain times. This is an entertainment industry. People are going to spend their disposable disposable income on these things and we all know that. But having one distributer in the marketplace? I dunno, I think there’s room for everybody.

I like going to small, local comic book stores around the world and checking out what they have in stock and the back issues I can find. But I also like relying on the big warehouse guys to quickly and easily plug any holes in my collection. Can’t we, as consumers, have both? Of course we can.

Corona closed a lot of comic book stores and really put a strain on the industry and is still doing so. I think it’s a good thing that DC is trying to get their books in people’s hands. And I really hope they succeed. Because their success will help a lot of people out and keep this industry that we love going.

And also it will keep this thing from going completely digital. But that’s another post.

Even though there aren’t any May 2020 Previews, be sure to check out my other Previews lists.

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