October 2020 Solicitations

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It’s that time again when we look at the new, exciting, and upcoming releases in the world of comics in our October 2020 Solicitations. Though these titles are listed in October they’ll come out in December. Merry Christmas.

Endless Winter – EVENT – DC Comics

Poster for Endless Winter - October 2020 Solicitations

I’ve mentioned it a few times on here but I’m not really a big event guy. I decided to skip the whole Dark Metal thing. But when I saw Endless Winter solicited I realized that I’m a liar and a sellout. I even decided to buy the variants of the normal titles I’m already subscribed to. Call it holiday cheer or call it locked in a basement working from home. But I’m all in.

All for $37.91. Wait. ONLY 37.91? No wonder DC is dying.

Expanse – Boom Studios!

Expanse comic series from Boom! Studios - October 2020 Solicitations

I really got into The Expanse. I started the first season when it was on Netflix here in the Netherlands, and when it jumped over to Prime, I rewatched season one and plowed through the rest. I’m hooked. So when Boom! Studios decided to release a series that ties into the next season, I threw my money out of my wallet hoping someone would catch it and give it back to me. But they didn’t.

Second Coming: Only Begotten Son – Ahoy Comics

Thank the Lord and he is born. For on this most holiest of Christian months I will be reading the first issue of the sequel to Ahoy Comics’ biggest hit in its tiny existence: Second Coming. I love Mark Russell and, if he reads my tweets to him, he knows it as well. So of course I’m committing to this, because it’s a lock. It’s a shoe in. It’s money baby.

Batman/Catwoman – DC Comics

Well it’s about $%#&*^@ time. Where have you been? Yes we had corona, but wasn’t this thing supposed to come out right after Tom King’s run ended on Batman? Tom who? Exactly.

Great. Now I have to go back and reread 85 issues plus 3 Annuals of Tom King’s Batman. 

Or I can just say Bat and Cat 88 times and look sad while doing it. 

And put this into perspective. This thing will have 12 issues, which means it’s going to take a year. A WHOLE YEAR!

But luckily DC will fold by then.

Ninjak – 1994 – Valiant

I did a reread of the first Ninjak series while screaming Valiant’s name before crying myself to sleep.

Spoiler alert. There’s a weird Catholic fetish thing at the end of it that I didn’t want to remember. 

Now on to the Acclaim second series. Someone help me. NO REALLY HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!

And those are my picks from the October 2020 Solicitations. Interested in reading some of my earlier picks? Then head on over to the Previews Category page, aptly named before DC dumped Diamond

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