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It’s that time again when we look at the new, exciting, and upcoming releases in the world of comics in our November 2020 Solicitations. Though these titles are listed in November they’ll come out in January of 2021. Happy New Year! What could go wrong?

DC’s Future State is here and it’s incredible.

And when I look at Future State and the way we’re getting it, I think this really pulled back the curtain on the whole Dan DiDio situation. The chickens that were his big flop in the New Age of Superheroes really came home to roost. The New Age of Superheroes was going to shake things up and use new artist creations to drive up sales. But it didn’t. It was a huge flop and even that is an understatement. The only thing that survived was Jeff Lemire’s The Terrifics, a team-up book of already established characters.

Do I think Future State would be successful if it completely overhauled the entire DC line for the years to come? I don’t know. It would’ve sold me but I do know I’m in the minority on this. So this really seems like a solid compromise and it’s also a smart move. By making it only two months and pausing most of the other regular titles, DC made it a rather reasonable buy-in. It also gives people on the fence a bit of a taste. If something grabs a big chunk of the audience it will more than likely make the cut for the regular lines. 

Also what makes me really happy about this is you see such an incredible diverse amount of talent. And I’m ready for it. We’ve been getting the same recycled writers and artists across the DC line since Rebirth. Nothing against these creators as they are talented individuals, but I am definitely ready for a change. As I’m sure others are as well.

Indeed there are a few other notable releases buried with the other companies out there, but DC decided to dominate January. So with that I’m dedicating the November 2020 Solicitations solely to DC’s Future State. Here are the titles that I’m most excited about (but really I’m excited about all of them). 

Future State: Aquaman

Okay, look. If you’re doing a bit of a Silver Surfer take on Aquaman don’t make it so obvious.

I absolutely enjoyed what Kelly Sue DeConnick did (and is still doing, not cancelled yet!) in Aquaman. And to see Jackson Hyde as Aqualad get his own title is enough for me to buy in. Brandon Thomas basically continues the story of Aqualad and Andy Curry and puts them in space. Hell yeah.

Future State: Justice League

November 2020 Solicitations - Justice League

This is the team up book of the new reiteration of the new characters by Joshua Williamson with a Justice League Dark story from Ram V. Cash or credit?

Future State: Superman: World of War

I don’t know if I’m more excited about this one because it sums up the impact of Superman through a bunch of Kingdom Come like stories. Or because of Riccardo Federici’s alternate cover. Either way I’m spending 8 bucks for this. TWICE. 

Future State: Swamp Thing

The green is good. FOREVER!

I don’t think we currently get enough Swampy. We were riding a Swampy wave with Tom King’s Christmas story and with the sadly cancelled TV show. Then he disappeared temporarily from the Justice League Dark book and that’s been pretty much that. But now he’s back! And with Ram V at the helm. Worship the green.

Future State: Wonder Woman

This is probably the one I’m the most excited about, mainly because I like everything Joëlle Jones does. And she serves as writer and artist here, which is where I like her the best. Plus we don’t get many reiterations of Wonder Woman that will be as impactful as this. Hippolyta took over duties in the 90’s but since then it’s been a lot of the same. I’m a fan of the current line for sure, but if you tell me I’m getting more Wonder Woman then I would call you my best friend. And then you would run away. 

And those are my picks from the November 2020 Solicitations. Interested in reading some of my earlier picks? Then head on over to the Previews Category page, aptly named before DC dumped Diamond

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