May 2021 Solicitations

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It’s that time again when we look at the new, exciting, and upcoming releases in the world of comic books in our May 2021 Solicitations. Though these titles are listed in May they’ll come out in July…and holy #$@% will this be an expensive month. *sigh* Nice knowing you summer vacation and hello again dark, isolated basement filled with too much stuff to read.

Ninjak #1 – Valiant

Ninjak #1 2021, from May 2021 Solicitations


And about time too.

This will be interesting. Visually it’s a drastic departure from the Ninja-K series wrapped up by the incredibly talented Christos Gage (check out the going-on-right-now excellent James Bond Agent of Spectre if you miss him). Jeff Parker takes over the typewriter with Javier Pulido providing the art. It’s going to be definitely a different style from a lot of the other Valiant titles currently on the shelves but I’m still into it. Besides, I love Ninjak. I’ve loved him ever since a friend of mine shoved a glossy cover of Ninjak #1 way back in 1993 or so. And I’ve been intrigued ever since.

And you gotta love Valiant. Shadowman’s kicked off by Cullen Bunn and Jon-Davis Hunt and the world keeps getting richer and more interesting. I think it’s going to be a great year for Valiant.

Sinister War – Marvel Comics

Sinister War from May 2021 Solicitations

Okay look. I keep saying I’m not an event guy but I guess I should take it back. Because it’s obviously not true because I keep buying them. But dammit. Sinister War is going to be great. Not because Nick Spencer wowed me with the previous Amazing Spider-Man event, Last Remains…but because Nick Spencer blew my mind with the previous Amazing Spider-Man event, Last Remains.

So yes, let’s tag on some issues to my already twice monthly Spidey title and force me to shell out even more money during a pandemic. 

And besides, Doctor Octopus is back! I didn’t realize he was gone in the first place. 

Suicide Squad: Get Joker! – DC Comics

Suicide Squad: Get Joker! from May 2021 Solicitations

DC’s Black Label prestige format returns with Suicide Squad: Get Joker! with Brian Azzarello on the typewriter. What more do you need to know?

Blue and Gold – DC Comics

WHAT?! Dan Jurgens returns to Booster Gold? With a team-up book with Blue Beetle? AND Ryan Sook’s drawing it? Cash or check? Or perhaps credit because this month is getting expensive AF. 

But seriously, the only thing that makes me doubt this book is that it’s a limited 8 issue series.

WHY?! But okay. If this moment in time has taught me anything it’s to be thankful for whatever I can get. So I’ll gladly take Dan Jurgens and Ryan Sook’s Booster Gold and Blue Beetle team up book. 

And then kidnap whoever decided to make this 8 issues and force them to turn it into forever. 

Superman and the Authority

Okay, can we please stop? This is enough. And now you dangle a Superman book written by my favorite writer ever Grant Morrison and drawn by one of my favorite artists ever, Mikel Janin (such a clear, crisp line) right in front of my face and you expect me NOT to buy it? Or perhaps you do because that’s the point. Whoever is in your marketing / sales department is incredibly evil and should be banished back to hell for doing this to me. This list is getting too big. There’s no possible way it can get worse…

Superman: Son of Kal-El

Nothing like yet another homage to Superman #1

So let me get this straight. You’re cancelling the current Superman title and replacing it with kid Superman’s own book? @#$%& $#%&*$% #$%^#@.

Can someone please tell Tom Taylor to stop pitching stuff? STOP IT! 

You win. I have no life because I have no money. It belongs to the comic book gods. Be gentle with me. 

Notable omissions

Annuals for ever comic book ongoing series coming out at the same time in the month of July ever.

And those are my May 2021 Solicitations! Curious on any of my other picks? Go ahead and head on over to my dedicated Solicitations page and bask in my in-depth knowledge and exceptional taste of everything related to comic books.

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