August 2021 Solicitations

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It’s that time again when we look at the new, exciting, and upcoming releases in the world of comic books in our August 2021 Solicitations. Though these titles are listed in August they’ll come out in October. Happy Halloween!

Okay. I missed July. The streak is officially over. But you know what? Sometimes life gets in the way and you just don’t have the time to put thoughtful words together in a sentence. And then make a whole series of them. That’s life and the most important thing is that we’re back!

Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #1 – DC Comics

Cover of Wonder Woman Historia - The Amazons in August 2021 Solicitations

I’m really, really enjoying the number of Wonder Woman titles out there. Not only does it give Batman a run for his money but it also injects a lot more energy into the current line of DC titles. Plus I’m absolutely LOVING what Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan and Travis Moore are doing with the main line. It’s incredible. Jump on it!

But we’re not here for that. We’re here for Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Jimenez who are providing this little nugget in a super duper prestige Black Label title about the history of the Amazons. 

Oh there will be blood.  

Amazing Spider-Man #75 – Marvel Comics

Cover of the Amazing Spider-Man 75 in August 2021 Solicitations

Nick Spencer is gone. All hail Zeb Wells and Patrick Gleason as the New Gods! Let us worship ye every month for…

THRICE monthly? Are you kidding me? This will come out three times a month?!

Well look. I prefer that instead of putting on my Sherlock Holmes hat and trying to figure out which AMAZING SPIDER-MAN I need to find. And then realizing now it’s a Giant-Sized thing. All just to complete the story that I’ve been invested in this whole time.

So yes Marvel. Thank you for being honest with yourself as well as to all of us. This thing was already a three times a month book, you just didn’t know it. 

Or maybe you were just lying to us. Well thank you, we accept your apology and I’m happy that we won’t have to put up with your BS again.

But I have a feeling we’ll have to put up with your BS again.

James Bond: Himeros – Dynamite 

I am invested in Dynamite’s James Bond. I think it’s fantastic and the amount of diverse talent they put on the books ensures a level of uniqueness and refreshment that has been unknown to the character. If you haven’t grabbed Christos Gage’s James Bond Agent of Spectre yet do so. Especially if you are a James Bond fan. Did it piddle out a bit at the end? Sure. But it was still fun.

Enter the next series of books in this…well series. James Bond: Himeros from Rodney Barnes and Antonio Fuso. And it looks like this one’s gonna be all about sex baby….

Himeros is the Greek God of sexual desire and one of the Erotes, the winged gods of love. When Aphrodite was born from the sea-foams she was greeted by the twin loves Eros and Himeros.

But when sexual desire goes too far, it takes the legendary super-spy James Bond to bring justice to the most vulnerable among us as he investigates the suspicious death of an accused sex trafficker – one whose ties run deep… and deadly.

Jennifer Blood – Dynamite

There always comes a time when I do a bit of browsing and something catches my eye. Then I say to myself, hrmmmm. That looks interesting.

Jennifer Blood…a housewife you say? Spent her nights as a deadly assassin? What’s that? She’s based in Utah? AND SHE’S APPARENTLY DEAD AND KILLING MOBSTERS!?

Okay. I’m in. 

So…once upon a time, a suburban housewife spent her nights as a mobster-murdering assassin, named JENNIFER BLOOD. Then she died…or did she? Because in the cozy cul-de-sacs of Bountiful, Utah, a noticeable number of normal people have gone missing. And by “normal,” I mean “mobsters under witness protection.” And by “missing,” I mean killed by someone that looks, sounds, and murders a lot like JENNIFER BLOOD…
By FRED VAN LENTE (Wolverine) and VINCENZO FEDERICI (Red Sonja)!

Black Max Volume Two – Rebellion

If you haven’t checked out my review of the first volume of Black Max, please do so. It’s okay. I will wait.


Good because I am so incredibly happy and relieved that this one made it. It was getting a bit dicey there with all the corona stuff going on. I’m not sure if the first volume was crazy successful but it looks like it was just successful enough for them to release the second volume. 

And look at that. It’s our old British buddy Tom Wilson against the evil Baron Maximilien Von Klorr, who is also a vampire. And who also just so happens to have two giant mutant bats. Need I say more?

And those are my August 2021 Solicitations! Curious on any of my other picks? Go ahead and head on over to my dedicated Solicitations page and bask in my in-depth knowledge and exceptional taste of everything related to comic books and pop culture. 

Actually don’t because I need revisiting readers.

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