September 2021 Solicitations

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It’s that time again when we look at the new, exciting, and upcoming releases in the world of comic books in our September 2021 Solicitations. Though these titles are listed in September they’ll come out in November. Happy Thanksgiving! Try not to kill anyone on Black Friday.

Holiday Specials

Okay, I’m a sucker for holiday specials. Doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s a holiday special I’ll buy it, watch it, consume it, or whatever. Imagine my glee when I left my humble State of Missouri, traveled the vast Atlantic and realized that the United Kingdom were absolutely full of them.

But I digress. This year I’m grabbing three holiday specials and will hold them as if they were the Christ-Child multiplied in three. If you believe that sort of thing.

Red Sonja 2021 Holiday Special – Dynamite

Red Sonja Holiday Special made the September 2021 Solicitations

When Mark Russell jumped off this title I grabbed his hand, looked into those beautiful blue eyes of his (educated guess), and jumped with him. I should have jumped back on it though when Mirka Andolfo launched the new series but I just sort of lost interest.

Until now. Because now we have a holiday special.

An all-new She-Devil tale, from ongoing Red Sonja architect MIRKA ANDOLFO and a cavalcade of creators! The grim Sonja is not one for ebullient festivities. But her recent “adoption” of the mysterious child Sitha has (temporarily) melted her defenses, just in time for revelry. But will outside forces aiming to prod and pillage put a pause on the party? 

I am sure what is so festive about that. But I don’t care. Because it has Holiday Special in the title.

Vampirella 2021 Holiday Special – Dynamite

Vampirella Holiday Special, in September 2021 Solicitations

Okay Vampirella, you’re up! How festive can we get?

WRECK THE HALLS! Vampirella is hunted (haunted?) by THE SPIRITS OF CHRISTMAS, hunters whose holiday tradition is to hunt a mythical creature every Christmas Eve! Is Vampirella prepared for an evening against the battle-ready manifestations of The Past, The Present and The Future!?

Now we’re talking! Holiday Special? Check. The word Christmas in the description? Double check. A slight reference to the classic A Christmas Carol? TRIPLE CHECK! How much better can get this?

‘Tis the Season to Be Freezin’ – DC Comics

DC…No you didn’t!

Oh the weather outside is freezing, but these stories sure are pleasin’. So since you’ve no place to go, why not grab a sweater, pour a cup of hot cocoa, and stoke the fire…because these 10 tales are sure to lower the mercury! Join us as Harley Quinn and Blue Snowman ice out Hawkman, Batman fights the cold heart of Mr. Freeze, the JLQ don’t stand a snowball’s chance against Minister Blizzard, and the Flash and Superman team up to chill out Captain Cold. So warm your holiday heart with these freezin’ feats of frosty fiction!

A description that starts out in a festive rhyme to mesmerize those who absolutely love holiday specials? And it’s ONLY 10 bucks? You got it DC. You had me at Oh.

Dark Knights of Steel – DC Comics

Tom Taylor. Is. Killing. It. 

Seriously. He’s such a favorite of mine and to see the possibility of a medieval take of the trinity is Christmas comes early this year. It’s going to be twelve issues but if Taylor’s on it then I can expect some truly kick ass world building where we’ll get even more. But, as usual, I got ahead of myself from sheer excitement. But still, pick this up. 

Justice League Incarnate – DC Comics

Image of cover to Justice League Incarnate for September 2021 Solicitations

Joshua Williamson is doing something here with this whole Infinite Frontier thing and I want to know how it ends. Justice League Incarnate is not the end, but it’s going to continue what has, got to be, one of the best events in comics so far. This whole Infinite saga is fantastic and if you’re a DC fan you’re living in heaven right now. The intertwining between Future State and Infinity is glorious and it is an incredible exercise of world building. Besides, if you’re reading the six issue Infinite Frontier series right now you know this is going to be one crazy, wonderful team-up. And they thought DC was going to die. PFFFF.

Batman/Superman Authority Special 1 – DC Comics

And speaking of someone doing something…Phillip Kennedy Johnson is crushing it on the Action Comics Superman book. It is all leading up to Warworld, with Mongul as our main antagonist, and yes, I want to see more of that. Johnson’s on the typewriter here and this is going to be one hell of a ride. Plus if you’re not reading Superman and the Authority by Grant Morrison and Mike Janín then I would have to question your sheer existence.

Also grab the variant stock cover if you can (pictured above).

Following Mongul’s brazen attack on Earth, Superman’s world has been turned upside down: conflict between Atlantis and the surface world, the discovery of an immensely powerful new element, dead refugees with mysterious ties to Krypton, and expulsion from the Justice League! When Superman re- forms the experimental, antiestablishment Authority to join him in liberating Warworld, Batman comes to them with a request: join him for one unorthodox, off-the-books mission first, one he could never ask the Justice League to be a part of…and one he doesn’t expect everyone to come back from

And those are my September 2021 Solicitations! Curious on any of my other picks? Go ahead and head on over to my dedicated Solicitations page and bask in my in-depth knowledge and exceptional taste of everything related to comic books and pop culture. Not bad for someone who doesn’t even make this stuff right?

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