November 2021 Solicitations

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It’s that time again when we look at the new, exciting, and upcoming releases in the world of comic books in our November 2021 Solicitations. Though these titles are listed in November they’ll come out in January. Happy New Year!

Everything Devil’s Reign

So here we are with Marvel’s event, Devil’s Reign. I guess Chip Zdarsky felt left out when Donny Cates led that whole King in Black event last year so ole Chip decided to involved everyone in his big event. Even if it doesn’t make a whole lot of damn sense. This thing involves Kingpin, it involves the Daredevils, and it involves…what? The X-Men? The Winter Soldier? The (not) Fantastic Four and Villains for Hire?! Grrrrrrr. Fine. And not to mention the Luke Cages and Spider-Womans that you’ll also need to pick up to round off the event. Oh and don’t forget all the variant covers on the other titles that this thing managed to not touch. So here we go:

More like reign on your wallet, am I right? *crickets*

  1. Devils Reign Superior Four #1 (of 3)
  2. Devils Reign X-Men #1 (of 3) – I guess that tree in Central Park is getting its ass CHOPPED DOWN.
  3. Devil’s Reign Villains For Hire #1 – “NEW YORK CITY is on a razor’s edge, and there’s only one force fighting for the rule of law in the chaos: Wilson Fisk’s THUNDERBOLTS!” – Oh for $%#$# sake. 
  4. Devils Reign Winter Soldier #1

Silver Surfer Rebirth

Cover of Silver Surfer Rebirth in November 2021 Solicitations

Put Rebirth in a title and I will buy it. But seriously I wish we had more of Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer Black from Donny Cates and Trad Moore was phenomenal. It doesn’t look like this will be a continuation but it’s a return of Ron Marz and Ron Lim nonetheless. Why this is only five issues is anyone’s guess but let’s take what we can get. 

Daredevil Woman Without Fear

I think everyone saw this coming ever since that one issue reminded me that eBay still exists. 

But why not? Zdarsky’s Daredevil book is good but it’s getting crowded and I would like to see some Elektra in a Daredevil costume kicking some ass. More so than what we’re getting from the regular book. So even though this is a hard tie-in to the Devils Reign event, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #1

To say that Brian Michael Bendis’ Legion of Super-Heroes just sort of fizzled out of existence would be an understatement. After it went quietly into the night, we were treated to a quick addition in the Future State line. And that was it. Now we’re finally getting something called Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes.

I don’t like to be negative here because comics are great and we should celebrate them every chance we get. There’s a lot to like about Bendis’ Legion of Super-Heroes. And there’s a lot not to like. I’m sure everyone has an opinion on what went wrong or what they would do to fix it (yours included). But one truth that I think most, if not all people can agree on, is that Bendis is killing it on the Justice League book. And I really really really really hope that magic bleeds onto this one. Long live the Legion.

Detective Comics 1050

Another milestone in the Detective Comics line. What makes this extra special? Mark Waid is back baby and I think we’re going to get a lot of him in 2022. In what form? I don’t know. But he’s back and that reminds me, I need to go to Home Depot and grab some materials for a shrine…er unrelated of course.

Batman/Catwoman Special #1

This one was announced and then it was delayed. Which isn’t unusual for things that Tom King is involved with. And then we found out that John Paul Leon’s contribution was actually his last work. Thankfully DC’s going to do something special here. I am enjoying Batman/Catwoman because I really like Tom King. But now it’s a must buy so we can enjoy something new from a wonderful artist for the last time. 

And those are my November 2021 Solicitations! Curious on any of my other picks? Go ahead and head on over to my dedicated Solicitations page and bask in my in-depth knowledge and exceptional taste of everything related to comic books and pop culture.

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